Sick Day

Selah woke up again this morning with a faucet for a nose, as suspected with the tell-tale drip yesterday evening. Its been this way since before Nicaragua – the cycle of runny nose, then congestion, followed by a cough, ending with the apparition of wellness for a short time (usually long enough for us to sufficiently expose others), then repeat. We’re just sick of being sick, like any other family stuck in the cycle.

So, today was Sunday, and with another missed church day (can’t go to the nursery like this), here’s how we’ve spent the first part of our day!

A little painting…



A little Popsicle (Mom ever-persistent to force fluids) sitting in the sun by the window to stay warm outside despite cold insides…



A little “cooking” in our kitchen…Selah’s specialty is now vegetable soup with our new Ikea veggies…



A little green smoothie (again, Mom at the helm, forcing the liquid) with banana, spinach, apple juice, coconut water, yogurt, & mango…



And no green smoothie would be complete without the accompanying green mustache shot:

Wrapping it up with a little slinky play:



And now for a (hopefully) nice nap that she’ll wake up healthy & refreshed from!

(oh, and PS – no April fools here – its all the truth!)

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