Easter Day Update

And now for the Easter update!

Gramma can sure get someone to smile!

Cutey Patootey

I threw in the first two pics because they make me smile. Selah sure loves her Gramma – lots of smiles out of that one, especially considering she isn’t the “smiliest” kid when it comes to cameras being around. Those were taken during our Easter lunch, which was at our house. What a blessing to have family come and visit! And “just for fun” instead of to work! (Which is probably nice for my parents, who are always driving down to help rather than just to visit!). Grandma and Grandpa also brought Nana and Papa, who hadn’t seen our house in a very long time, so it was fun to “show off” the changes!

Before church that morning, the Easter bunny made an appearance, complete with a stocked basket with Murray (a Sesame Street character stuffed toy), animals, and some funny little games. So fun to see her surprised little sleepy face light up, and her cute little bed head play with the toys all morning. We had some much fun, in fact, that this next picture shows how happy we were to leave for church:

Pouty face. I don't want to leave for church! I want to play with my basket!

Luckily, Daddy is the master-cheerer-upper, and turned that frown upside down after an Easter kiss:
OK, I guess I'll give you a kiss!

After church, the family was waiting at our house complete with more baskets full of goodies! Yes, Easter is about Jesus and we explained the story multiple times, before and after the day…but I’m fairly certain our stories were less memorable to our little girl than the family, eggs, and full baskets, so we’ll really have to work on that one when it rolls around next year!

Grandma’s basket held some ultra-cute bunny ears…of which I am amazed I captured on film, because she was less than excited to have anything on her head or face:

About the only time I could catch her with the "ears on"...they mostly were "no, mommy, OFF!"

After the second round of baskets, we ventured outside (rough, on this gorgeous of a day) to do Mommy’s egg hunt. It took a bit of time for her to catch onto the drill and warm up to searching for the eggs, but I’d say it was ultimately a success.
Beginning the hunt...not really sure of this drill 😉

Which basket do I pick? Purple or green?

Gramma is helping

Also, the super cute little dress, which I love in the back of this next picture, was also courtesy of my mom (AKA Grandma).

Getting the hang of it...

I see one under Nana...

Got it!

Thanks, Grampa!

It took Selah a bit to warm up to Papa – she sometimes isn’t sure of those males (good girl, don’t trust any of them too soon!)…but after he grabbed the Easter basket to help collect eggs, she was a loyal fan. Now every time we “pretend” to call Nana…she always has to ask me – “Papa, too, Mommy?”.
Papa helping too!

Such a fun day of celebration, and just wishing that we could have spent it with the rest of our family(ies) too!

Easter Prep Recap

Hopefully we found a safe spot to get messy!

The egg dyeing was really the only “prep” work we did for Easter, but it warrants a post of its own because of the sheer number of pictures we took from the event. All in all, in the whole thing probably only lasted less than an hour in an attempt to limit the damage to clothes and the surrounding facilities – which we were actually successful in. With any closer look at the pictures, you will notice we shoved her into some clothes that barely still fit – just because we hoped for the best, and expected the worst. And when it comes to egg dye, you might as well surrender before even attempting to get it out in the washing machine. It is, after all, made to dye egg shells.

Placing (errr...throwing) the eggs in their color "baths"

Selah really did a number on the actual eggs. We only had about 10 or so, and after those were finished, she didn’t really want it to be over, so she proceeded to pick up and toss them into the dyes again, while I was trying to dry them out. So, while the pictures appear to exhibit her nicely placing the eggs in their “baths”…it was really nothing of the sort.

Drawing on the eggs with a crayon...

The crayon “magic” was a little lost on her, although she did really enjoy the “S” on her very own pink egg:

An "S", Mommy!!!

And, predictable as always, as soon as we were done, it was an immediate freak-out to get her hands washed. She isn’t so much for getting her hands dirty, that is for sure! If you click on the picture, I’m sure you’ll get a kick out of her oh-so-expressive (and slightly threatening!) face!

Wash hands, please!
Admiring our handiwork