First day of School!

Thought you’d enjoy the little video of Daddy picking Selah up after her first day! I think it was successful, judging by her reaction:

Here’s another of her at school…it was actually at my request since I wanted to document the first day, and since I couldn’t drop her off because I was working in SLO that day, I suppose I can’t really be too picky about the picture:

I was envisioning a picture of her with her teacher, or maybe one with a little bit of the school (which is really cool), but oh well, the video was nice and captured what I missed.
My part of “school” might not be dropping her off, but I have had fun making her little lunches & imagining her going through it at school. Here’s tomorrow’s:

Hope she enjoys the heart sandwiches! They were made with lots of love! 🙂