Birthday Eve

Jesse and I are definitely not pros at the holiday celebrations yet. Not for the lack of actual celebration, but almost the opposite. We prepare well in advance of the holiday (Christmas, Easter, Birthday), swearing to one another that she doesn’t need any presents, let’s keep it simple, and other minimalist goals.

Selah’s 2nd birthday seems to be no exception. We weren’t even going to celebrate, save our Disneyland trip after Jesse’s semester ends next week. However, our informal lunch had to have cupcakes, so of course I wanted to do Sesame Street. And ‘no presents’ somehow turned into an easel complete with art supplies…and we apparently couldn’t stop at that and had to throw in a toddler basketball hoop (to get her exercising after painting, of course!) 😉

So, while it wasn’t as low key as intended so far, here are some pics of the preparation tonight:

Sesame Street cupcake final products:





Daddy’s hard work assembling:




Also, has to throw in one of Selah, Daddy, & I baking his birthday cake together on Jesse’s special day yesterday:




And one of us the other day after school:

Love this girl, my almost-two-year old, most amazing baby girl.

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