A Vacation Preview

We took just short of a million pictures on our trip, but these are just a few taken on my phone – and thought I’d give a little preview.
Selah posing with her popular friend Goofy

Selah, Gramma, & Mommy on the carousel

Chasing Selah at Excalibur – different Vegas experience with a toddler!

Driving through Zion – cant even fit the cliffs into one frame!

Entering a mile long rock tunnel in Zion

“Camping” by Selah & Daddy cooking on our porch of the hotel room in Zion, after not getting a campsite.

The stellar view from ‘roughing it’ at the Majestic View Lodge

Mmmmm…breakfast cookie while “camping” at the hotel

Probably 75% of what our vacation consisted of: chasing a toddler in various locations

Hiking Zion – best day of the trip! Great weather, great views, & a sacked-out munchkin who let Mommy put her in the pack. You can see her blond sleepy head above my shoulder!

Coloring at a restaurant on our way home

Playing in the sand at Lake Las Vegas – our last stop on our way home from “camping” (a loosely used term since we really only camped one night, of which I don’t have a single picture, which is a total bummer because it was the night we met up with my Grandma, Aunt Jeannie & Uncle Mike, & cousins Tera & Cael – and was a trip highlight & our first tent-sleeping experience with a toddler!). Nevertheless, it was all fun and Selah was a trooper aside from her daily requests to go “homey” 😉



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