2nd Birthday Day

Balloons are the best! Especially ELMO balloon!!!

The weather leading up to Selah’s big day was perfect. All week – not a cloud in the sky, and “shorts weather”. Then, the day of – cold, cold, foggy, breezy, and cold. Which made the party spot a little less than ideal – a place on the beach that Selah loves because it is outside and has a sandbox. Very popular with kids and families…but not so great on a cold day. But, nevertheless, that was the only downer of the day – and probably most of all a bummer for the great-grandmas who drove all the way down to freeze with us! We were very blessed to have them (and Grandma Smith too who drove them!) in attendance, and Selah especially appreciated it – as evidenced by the fact that for about a week after her birthday, every morning we were greeted with “Happy Birthday” in eager anticipation that there might just be more family, friends, presents, and a party in honor of her, if each morning were her birthday from here on out.

I am surprisingly short on pictures – I must have been paying more attention to Selah & guests than my camera (??!!?) – but have included an a assortment of what we have to remember the day by, and especially share with those who we would have loved to have with us (hello, Hawaii fam!) 😉

Mmmmm….Elmo cupcake!
Almost finished. Of course I’m eating the whole thing!
Putting on my purse and bracelet from Aunt Rose, Uncle Steve, and Cousins Alyssa & Kaylee. Have to dress to impress while pulling the wagon!
My little artist on her new easel – a gift from Mommy & Daddy
Loving my special red wagon from Nana & Papa
“Again, Daddy?”…making Daddy work for his princess in her new red wagon with a custom paint job courtesy of Papa!
And….I’m spent!

Brace Yourself

There could be a lot of upcoming posts with pictures…considering I just downloaded the month of May – which happens to have a lot of big events for the Wheeler family! First off, just a few to wet the pallete…of Selah & Daddy getting ready for camping. Remember – if you click on the pictures, you can actually get the full size version – for some reason when I upload with our nicer camera, I have to post them in thumbnail size or else you see just a tiny portion of the whole picture on the screen.

Both of these were taken the day before Selah’s birthday, while unpacking our “new” tent (purchased a year ago for a camping trip we never made, so just making it out of the box for the first time prior to Bryce/Zion!).

Just chillin in the tent box, no biggie, Mommy.