Changing our Plan of Attack

A short commercial interruption of the picture barage for a quick story about learning our *always learning* parenting techniques:

Grandma Smith is coming today to visit Selah while Daddy gets work done on the house. We have been “prepping” Selah for the visit by talking up how “Gramma” is coming, etc. And apparently, we are all done with our need to ‘prep for Grandma to come and take her’ stage, and moving onto the ‘we need to hide that she is coming so that we don’t have to hear about it for days on end’ stage!

Literally, anytime a phone rings or a neighbor is at the door, Selah runs screaming and excited to the door, only to have a huge letdown not only for her, but also for the person who is there ;). Even her favorite neighbor girls yesterday were greeted with dissapointment. This morning after my AM workout, I was met with, “Oh, Daddy, it’s just Mommy”, and a quick sulk, despite the fact that she hadn’t even seen me this morning yet. (I eventually warranted a hug, but I foresee the ‘welcome to chopped liver’ status fast approaching ๐Ÿ˜‰ Payback, I know, Mom, thanks! ;)).

We have attempted to explain that Grandma will be coming “tomorrow” to play, and then this morning “later today”, and now as I work, I hear Daddy saying, “I think Grandma will be here in 10 minutes…or maybe 7?” So, apparently our next lesson is going to be time management – as in, how long a week, a day, an hour, and a minute actually are. Poor Selah, I know the theory of relativity is at work here, because 5 minutes is very clearly a long time in her limited 1,078,560 minute life-thus-far (and yes, I did the math). ๐Ÿ˜‰

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