And that’s…The Rest of the Story!

Yes, the long awaited Part Three. Finally. The last of the Disney pics.

From the Pooh & Friends get-together, it was on to the Jungle Cruise. We decided ahead of time that if the sign noted it would be longer than 30 minutes, we were out. Luckily, I think it was 20. And seemed to go relatively fast. Must have been because Selah was on a “Pooh-high”.

Here’s the pics in chronological order:

Beautiful blue eyes in line for Jungle Cruise. Luckily a fast moving line, since we were nearing the end of our day.

Being silly with Mommy in line.

Mommy & Selah on Jungle Cruise

Oh look! Over there!

My beautiful baby in awe on the Jungle Cruise. Must be the “Moto-Moto’s” (aka Hippos – she uses the name of the Hippo from the “Madagascar” movie)

Wheeler Family on the Jungle Cruise

From Jungle Cruise, it was on our way out via Main Street – to pick up some sort of souvenir to go!

On Main Street USA with my Mommy and Grandma & Grandpa

It’s the simple things – like walkin’ on a curb down Main Street at Disneyland. Funny how things like this – holding Mommy’s hand and balancing on a curb – bring close to as much joy as the rides.

But…not nearly as much joy as a MINNIE MOUSE is! 😉 I think we fully redeemed our inability to stand in line to actually meet Minnie with this particular purchase.

Lovin’ my Daddy AND my new Minnie Mouse!

The Wheeler Family. Something more interesting was happening on the other side of the camera though! Cruella DeVille herself (Villian from 101 Dalmations) ran up and put her arm around Grandma (who was taking the picture) – to make Selah look at the camera! Selah sure looked (and so did Mommy – her makeup was CRAZY!)! 🙂

Selah with a proud and happy Grandma & Grandpa

Loving her new Minnie Mouse – bought with her own birthday money from GG (Great-grandma).

She continued to play with Minnie for probably a good 30 minutes in the car on our way to Vegas before giving in to a little tiny bit of sleep. She’s not a big car-sleeper, which would make it so much easier on everyone! But – we made it (and she survived too ;)).

Don’t worry, the rest of the trip doesn’t have near as many pictures, so I’ll try to label and summarize those over the week. It’s been fun to relive – and of course this blog is as much a “scrapbook” for us as it is to update everyone, so I hope you enjoy along the way! 🙂

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