Still A Favorite!

Well, if I thought that ketchup was in the past for favorite things, I was mistaken! (If you remember, Selah requested her birthday dinner to be “ketchup, please”).

I’ve been saying her prayers with her at night while I rock her before bed. It’s literally my favorite part of the day. I ask her what her favorite part of the day was, and then we thank Jesus for whatever that might be. Frequently it is “food” (literally, just “food”, not something specific like yogurt or ice cream – popular favorites – just “food!”), and sometimes her friends – Avery, Cooper, Emerson, Lucca, or Vienza. Tonight, she listed a few friends, and then I asked – what else are you thankful for today, little bug? And that was when the ol’ favorite slipped back in! She answered, in her very sober, typical ‘Selah’-way, “Ketchup, Mommy”.

Good to know, my little sleepy girl, good to know. 🙂

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