Bryce Canyon

Yep, still haven’t finished posting pictures from our trip. But, I’m starting up again because this is my “scrapbook” of sorts, and really want to document this. Bryce was another highlight of the trip because we met up with family, which was a semi-random surprise. By that, I mean, it was unplanned to be in the same area at the same time, but when we found out, we made sure to expedite our way out there to see GG (my Grandma, Selah’s Great-Grandma, my mom’s mom), Aunt Jeannie, Uncle Mike (my mom’s brother), Cousin Tera (my cousin), and Cousin Cael (her son, born the day before Selah).

I’d say the cons were the weather – really windy and pretty cold, and the amount of time we spent (just an evening and the next day). And the pros were of course seeing family, getting the kiddos together again, camping with Selah for the first time this year, and the views of Bryce – which Jesse hadn’t seen.

Since pictures tell a thousand words, here’s a few thousand…with my commentary…

In my “thinker” pose (unknowingly), while Selah clings to my leg:

Bouncing Cousins:

The Moms and the Kiddos:

Selah wouldn’t exactly humor me with a wave to Daddy, but I gave it my all:

Our blondies:

One of the view off the edge:

The kids putting us one step closer to heart failure by “swinging” right on the edge. Despite the chain link fence, the drop off was long enough (see views above) that it makes you nervous no matter what:

Think Selah is tired of walking to go see yet another viewpoint?

All done, Daddy. All done.

Walking on a little safer “edge”:

Sweet girl playing on the bench:

Not-as-sweet girl declaring it is “MY bench” when Cael & Tera join for a picture:

Very sleepy, stinky-pants on our way out of the park for the day:

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