From Bryce, we headed to Zion, where we intended to set up camp again. However, we underestimated the popularity of that park on a holiday week (yep – wasn’t even the weekend, and there were races to get to campsites that people were vacating). So, we headed into town to find a private camp ground, of which all were also full. Rather than head home, we finally landed at a really nice hotel right outside the park. It wasn’t quite camping prices, but it was really, really nice, so we’ll just remember that part of it.

Here’s some pictures and associated captions for the first evening and following day of hiking in Zion:

Benefits of staying in a hotel instead of camping? A pool!! A pool!
Our little pool baby bundle
Standing outside our hotel waiting for the shuttle. It’s not called the Majestic View Inn for nothing, that’s for sure!
Off on our hike! Walking along the river…
The baby is officially passed out!
Going through some mini-slot canyons
Still hiking…
Proof that Daddy hiked too.
Looking up from the pools
Nearing the upper pools
Look at those views!
Daddy taking a picture to demonstrate that Selah is as tan as Mommy 🙂
Looking up the hill to where we hiked from – the pic of Dad was taken all the way up against the edge at the top!
Looking back at our climb up from the river
Waking up from the slumber in the pack
Still hiking…can’t beat these views
Waving Hi to Daddy from the bridge
Running across the bridge to Dad
Lunch with my Daddy in Zion is extra-special
The lunch spot – great views even from here!
Happy girl with a “cookie reward” for being such a good hiker!

All in all, a great day. Mommy and Daddy were stoked on hiking, and Selah is just happy if she gets a cookie at the end of anything, so she was golden. Oh, and we might have had a little ice cream after the shuttle ride back as well ;). After a 4-miler carrying a toddler, we earned it!

Zion was beautiful. You can’t quite capture it on film (without a panoramic or fish eye lens that can really gather everything around you, at least), but the views are amazing. And it was a slightly better park that Bryce to go hiking with the little ones, and Selah did like the shuttle ride through the park OK. In fact, this is one place we’d like to return. Well, on a non-holiday weekend and maybe with camping reservations, that is…although…I can’t lie…the warm shower and bed after the hike was awfully nice. 😉

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