A Non-update Update

Selah and I just had a spectacular mommy-daughter-grandma-grandpa weekend at the lake while Daddy had a fabulous work weekend at home without us (how nice to come home to a clean, updated house!)…and one would think that I’d be updating or posting some of the awesome pics we took.

But, nope. Here’s my update: Selah had her first poo-poo on the potty! A legit, sit-down-then-go poop. She’s been close a few times (mostly when she hears us talk to Grandma or Grandpa about how she ditests the toilet and wants to prove us wrong by making them take her – she’s a stubborn one, our little bug), but this was her first time that she stopped, considered, then we went in and she finished her business on her potty.

So, there’s your ‘non-update’ update. I’m sure you’re glad you read, but I apologize – just something we want to record in writing so we can embarrass her when she’s in high school like any caring parent would. 😉 Lake pics to come…

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