From the Mouths of Babes

Tonight’s conversation:

Me (after a TV commercial with costumes, hoping for a different answer): Selah, what do you want to be for Halloween?
Selah: A ball-rina princess, Mommy
Me: Oooh, a ballerina princess…
Selah: Yes. With you, Mommy. You be a ball-rina too.
Me: Me? You mean you want me to dress as a ballerina princess too?
Selah (laughing at me): Yeah. With me. You need be a ball-rina before you have TWO babies! (still laughing at her “joke”, apparently!)

What?! Seriously, my daughter is making jokes already? She completely was laughing like she was telling the funniest joke ever!

(Background: we’ve been reassuring her that even with a new baby, she’ll still be Mommy’s baby too…Mommy will just have two babies then – because when we bring up the sister or brother and that she’ll be our “big girl”, she tells us, no, she’s our baby!)

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