Not really. Probably more like homefaker. But I decided to get in the spirit of things tonight by cooking up a new Pinterest-inspired meal (homemade chicken enchiladas), then making homemade passion fruit jam.

Yep, you read right! Homemade jam…guess my parents rubbed off on me after all! (I wish – they are certainly more skilled & make it look far easier to pull off!) 😉

Our passion fruit crop is coming to a fairly rapid end, and I’ve been wanting to try. So, I jumped right in…just like any pregnant, working (50+ hrs/week the last two weeks…blech!), tired mother of a sick-ish toddler would do, right? No? Oh, other people are sane? Yeah, I should have thought about that! ;). Remind me next time please. Or maybe Jesse will!

Just kidding. Mostly. It was good to try, but here’s my thoughts:
1. That was a whole lot of work for 5.5 jars of that stuff. It best be REALLY good!
2. I’m pretty sure preparing with a few more “tools” would have helped (ie. tongs, for one…definitely another large pot…gloves & funnel would certainly have helped…& thermometer maybe?)
3. “Setting Point” in instructions should really be a little more detailed. Or it should just tell you to get the thermometer. I’m pretty sure I’m at a 75%+ chance of having syrup instead of jam, actually.

But all in all, I’m glad I tried. Cross it off the list…and appreciate all those jars of homemade jam from my parents & Nana & Papa even more than we already did!!

And here’s the passion fruit lemonade I made the other day from our yard. That was certainly worth it! Think I might stick to that next time around…


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