On Thankfulness

There are so many people doing the November daily “thankfulness” exercise that I was inspired to do it here. I’m a little behind, but I’ll try to post one a day for the month. Who couldn’t use a little more thankfulness in their life? ;). It’s been so hectic and leaning towards the stressful side of things lately that I figured this could only help! Here goes…

Nov. 1st – I’m thankful for Selah. Biggest blessing I’ve ever been given, and thankful to be her Mommy!


Nov. 2nd – I’m thankful there’s another healthy baby on the way and that he’s a boy! I of course cannot imagine loving another one as much as I love Selah, but enough people vouch for it that it has to be true! Lucky me! Twice the love to spread! And with so many people who either have unexpected pregnancies or difficulty having kids when they want to – I’m thankful that we’ve been blessed with another healthy bundle!

Nov. 3rd – I’m thankful for our home. It’s not just the house, but that’s a part of it…just the fact that we have a place that Selah calls her “homey” warms my heart and makes me thankful. She could care less that it is in need of fixing in a lot of ways – she cares that our home has mommy, daddy, a roof, and of course her room & crib that makes her feel safe. And that we live in Santa Barbara, really? We live in a place a whole lot of people refer to as paradise! All of that is so, so much more than we could ever ask for!

Happy Thankful Month! More posts to come each day, hopefully accompanied by more photos! (Including Halloween downloads…) đŸ™‚

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