Still thankful…

Just late! 🙂

Nov 5th: I’m thankful I have a job. A well paying one that let’s me support my family is a bonus too! I’ve worked really hard to get here, but there are a lot of hard working people who are less fortunate than I am – and I don’t forget that, especially on my construction sites. Here’s my latest project (a few various stages of it) that I’m currently running (one of the 8! I have 3 in construction & 5 in design):




Nov 6th: I’m thankful for being born & raised in a country that has the right to vote. And that they count each vote (Nicaragua tends to find many of theirs in rivers and other places besides being actually counted). Going to Lithuania this year reminded me of how blessed we are in America – even with a depressed economy & our own difficulties – we still have a lot of freedoms that many others around the world have certainly not been given. So, although I’m disappointed with the outcome tonight on the whole, I’m still thankful I was able to put my vote in the mix!

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