7th, 8th, & 9th

Nov 7th: thankful for parents. Jesse & I are so blessed to have the best parents in the world. They are both still married (for MANY years!) and both such great examples in different ways of what we’d like to be as husbands & wives, as parents and grandparents, and just as people in general! If I can be half the mom my mother is, Selah will be pretty blessed too 😉


Nov 8th – grandparents! I’m so thankful for both my Nana & Papa and Grandma & Grandpa. Not only are all if them some of the most amazing people I know, but I was blessed to have them nearby and involved from childhood to adulthood. I’m glad Selah gets to know Nana, Papa, & GG (great-grandma) also. I miss my Grandpa lots, but he’s found so many ways to be in my heart and I’m so thankful for the special times we spent while he was here.
Here’s a pic from tonight of Selah painting a picture for Nana so that in her words, “it makes her feel better” (she has shingles right now so we’ve told Selah that’s why we can’t visit for awhile):


Nov 9th – friends! We’re so amazingly blessed by friends as well. From our church family to friends that Jesse & I have has well before we were married, I couldn’t be more thankful for the community we have here. In fact, it’s been more times than I can count, we’ve thought of moving various places and haven’t because we can’t imagine building a community like we have here. In fact, tonight Jesse is off to the movies with the guys from small group and I have a hike planned with a friend in the AM…nothing better & so thankful!
An older pic from my phone of Selah with her friend Emerson at happy hour:


Pumpkin Patch!

Yep, finally getting around to downloading and posting October pics, so brace yourself! Grandma came down to help us pick out pumpkins because Daddy was busy with volleyball, and we had a great day at our favorite patch! Here’s a few of them…

This one, Mommy!
I found the perfect pumpkin, Mommy!
Selah taking a “bow”! (Mommy’s favorite is that she holds herself up because she’s fallen down so many times doing this!)
Help me jump, Gramma!
It’s so BIG, Mommy!
Hi Gramma!

Fun day for our little ballerina!

Jumping Day

I posted a video a few weeks ago, but finally am downloading the pics from my better camera of Selah and Daddy jumping at Sky High. What a blast we had watching our little girl do her favorite thing – jump! 🙂 (Reminder – click the pics to make them larger – especially the little one with her happy face, it’s priceless!)

This is what fun looks like! 😉
Overview of the “kiddie room”…this is the smallest of 4 or so jumping rooms – the place is crazy!
Jumping with Daddy! Super high!
Our new favorite “pose”…trying it out on the trampoline