Carving & Cookies

Other Halloween “prep” items included carving pumpkins & decorating cookies (don’t ask why I thought it was a good idea to make cookies on a holiday where candy is handed out…silly Mommy).

The cookies went over better than the carving, to say the least…

Here’s some pics of both. (More of the cookies, because the attention span was much longer for that activity!)

Hmmm…what to carve, what to carve?
Ewwww…wash my hands!

After the “cleaning” part, Selah was done. No getting hands dirty for her – she just isn’t into it. Whose kid is she – neither Jesse nor I have a problem getting dirty, so not sure where this fear of messiness comes from?! 😉 Thank goodness Daddy finished off the pumpkins for us…

The end result

The cookies were the real fun!

One for the cookie, two for Selah…
Sugar high kicking in….now!
Much better attention span here
Can you possibly fit any more candy onto a cookie?!

Next up – Selah the Ballerina goes trick-or-treating! 🙂

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