Thankful – Plus Selah stories

Nov 13th – thankful for these little baby boy kicks! Makes this whole pregnant experience a little more bearable (I’m a pretty terrible preggo lady overall, really).

Nov 14th – thankful for my sister-in-law, Nicci. Wish we lived a lot closer to hang out on a regular basis which would be even more awesome. But I always wanted a sister and she is a pretty cool bonus blessing from marrying Jesse. It’s also really comforting that she really understands Jesse (& loves him unconditionally!), which is nice to have someone to talk to every once in awhile when things are a little difficult! πŸ™‚

And an update on Selah’s latest: she certainly is developing her own personality and thoughts more and more each day! The latest thing is that whenever I call her by my nickname for her (boo boo), she says – no Mommy, I’m Selah, not Boo Boo. We laughed the first time and explained to her of course that she’s Selah, and that’s just a nickname Mommy uses because I love her so much. Her response: I know, Mommy, but I’m Selah…and let me tell you, she’s pretty adamant about it.
At first it was a little funny and I love that she has such strong conviction on what she wants…but now I’m a little bit sad. I mean, I thought I still had a few good years left before she was embarrassed and telling me to pretend not to know her in public, but looks like its right around the corner now that she’s nixed the nicknames from me! πŸ˜‰

Here’s a quick pic – sneak preview of Selah making her Christmas gifts for everyone!


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