This girl loves running, that’s for sure!

My pictures don’t exactly convey our holiday – they mostly are just of Selah running around outside, and a few pictures with cousins. Which was certainly part of it, and a very fun part at that, but I guess that is just where I pulled out the camera to capture the moment. The rest of the time, I was enjoying family, which I certainly can’t apologize for! πŸ™‚

Thanksgiving Eve we met Jesse’s extended family in Oxnard for dinner and had a surprisingly good visit at a restaurant. Surprisingly, you ask? Well…anytime we are in a restaurant with a two-year-old and have a nice time is very surprising! Selah was well-behaved for…wait for it…3 (yes, THREE!) hours at the restaurant, which is pretty amazing – for her and pretty much for most toddlers, so she earned her star that night! And of course it was nice to visit with Jesse’s family, and I’m so glad they got to connect.

Thanksgiving day and the following day, we went to San Luis to my parent’s house. My mom cooked an amazing spread (and my dad barbequed a pretty awesome turkey), and we were able to visit with my extended family – aunts, uncles, cousins, and a second generation of cousins as well. Selah had a hard time adjusting at first (she went down for a nap when it was just us there, and woke up to a house full of people – which can be overwhelming for anyone), but once she eased into things, she really enjoyed having the other kids there (minus a few sharing-of-toys issues standard to most two-year-olds). All in all, a nice day shared with family. We are so blessed to have family that gets along and enjoys each others company.

Only part missing was of course the Hawaii family who we would have loved to see, and my Nana and Papa. Nana has the shingles, and we were limited to a phone call because of that, but we plan to make it up to her when she is feeling better. Hopefully some of these pictures of our little girl will be able to cheer up her spirits and we’ll see her very soon!


The treat will go “in my mouth”, Mommy!

Smile from our little one

Smiles from Mommy & Selah

Showing Raya Grandpa’s honey bees

So serious

Our cutie pie in the sunset light

A kiss for baby brother

And a kiss for mommy

Selah’s “Blue Steel” pose

Playing catch with cousin Micah & Raya is so fun!

More throwing with Raya

The cousins under the bed

And some “day after” pics for your viewing pleasure! You can tell these were taken in the morning soon after she awoke, hence the amazing hair day she was having! πŸ˜‰

Our little Tina Turner

Walking in heels is tricky!

And today we had to say goodbye to Daddy who left for Iowa for a week with the volleyball team. Excited to have their team make Nationals – and very hopeful that they do well and go far in the tournament – but also will be very, very thankful when he is home and volleyball comes to a close. I’m not the best pregnant woman in general, and I’m an even worse pregnant, working, single mom…so prayers that I make it through the week with my sanity would be much appreciated! πŸ™‚

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