Disneyland Christmas

Well, we spent most of the time enjoying the day rather than taking pictures, which was so nice! And Mommy got to be in a lot of them because Daddy took over picture-duty! I think maybe the time to hand over that duty was no so much when I’m almost 8 months pregnant though 😉 Not loving the pics of me, but whatever, it was a good time with my little girl as a family. So much fun to relish the time that she is an “only child”. I know it will be fun to have a sibling, but I am getting kind of sad that she won’t be my only.

So, for Disneyland! She LOVED meeting the characters, so that is what most of these are. Enjoy!

Meeting Goofy with Daddy. We were getting tired by this time, so it was a little anticlimactic…
2012-12-19 Goofy With Daddy

Mickey was right before Goofy…and he was a little scary in his “wizard” outfit:
2012-12-19 Mickey Family Pic

Minnie was by far the BEST meeting! Here’s the hug:
2012-12-19 Minnie Hug

Our pic with her beloved Minnie:
2012-12-19 Minnie Pic

Watching the parade and waving at Goofy the “Cooker” (that’s what Selah called his chef outfit as he danced with cookies):
2012-12-19 Parade Wave

Having a “tea party” at Minnie’s station while she took a break and checked on her cheesecake ;):
2012-12-19 Tea Party Waiting for Minnie

Yay! We LOVED loved LOVED the parade – what a hit!
2012-12-19 Yay Parade

What a change going to Disneyland is when you have a toddler. The things I would have never done (ie. meeting the characters) become the most fun – to watch her little face meeting her ‘heros’. And eating popcorn on the ground while watching a parade – not exactly on my pre-kiddo top 10 list, but it’s right up there now. What fun it is to experience things through the eyes of a toddler. We are so blessed and don’t want to take a minute for granted. (I suppose that means I need to go back and look at these pics every once in awhile – like, after a no-nap afternoon, or a tantrum! – just to be reminded of how blessed we are to have a healthy little girl and our little family)

Videos to follow – Daddy took lots of the parade.

December – Pre-Christmas Update

I thought I should update prior to Christmas with some pics from the month so far – since obviously I will be overwhelming you with pictures after the holiday, of course. Here’s what we’ve been up to (remember to click on the pics if you want to see them better – the small view sometimes doesn’t do justice to Selah’s funny facial expressions!):

Making Christmas ornaments (don’t look if you’re family! They’re for you!):
2012-11-25 Making Ornaments

Should I leave in my pony tails, Mommy?
2012-12-08 0Should I leave this in

OK, I guess I will…
2012-12-08 1OK I will

A pic at 27 weeks:
2012-12-08 27 weeks

My loves:
2012-12-08 My Loves

Can I help you?
2012-12-09 1can i help you

This chocolate chip scone Daddy bought me is GOOD!
2012-12-09 2this choco chip scone is good

Who let’s their kid do this…yeah, us, I guess. Picking out every last chocolate chip:
2012-12-09 3every last chip

Now the sugar is kicking in:
2012-12-09 4 sugar kicking in

Selah & Daddy being silly:
2012-12-09 daddy & Selah silly

Daddy & Selah at the tree farm:
2012-12-09 daddy and selah smile

Another one of my favorite people:
2012-12-09 daddy and selah

Giving her baby brother a kiss…I’m loving this!
2012-12-09 giving bro a kiss

Playing with the hay in the manger. Selah says, “Mommy, this is where the baby Jesus goes?”
2012-12-09 hay in the manger

Jumping is so much fun! Definitely better than picking out a tree (notice the lack of tree photos? Yeah, it’s because I couldn’t get her to look at trees)
2012-12-09 jumping is better

Showing our “special necklaces”:
2012-12-09 special necklaces

With Mommy:

At the Christmas Tree Farm
At the Christmas Tree Farm

I will followup this post soon with pics of Disneyland. Yep, we went to the happiest place on earth to see the decorations at Christmastime. It was definitely worth it – so much fun to see her light up!

Selah on Santa Claus…

Didn’t think we’d be having the “is Santa real” conversation so early…but here it is! 😉

Mommy: Selah, do you want to go see Santa at Grandma’s this year before Christmas? Remember riding the horses?
Selah: Santa isn’t real, Mommy.
Mommy: Really? Who told you that?
Selah: *silence*
Mommy: If Santa isn’t real, then he can’t bring us presents. He is going to come and leave us presents under the tree – he goes in down the chimney right there! And fills our stockings…
Selah: I just don’t want Santa in our house, Mommy.

She makes a valid point, that kid. Strangers in our house have never been a big wish of mine either. But for presents? Geesh! 😉

I haven’t downloaded all the pictures yet from picking out the tree, but I did download this gem the other day and thought I’d share. My “cutie pie” (apparently, I call her that, as the other day in the bath, she looks at me and says, Mommy, you’re my cutie pie!)


Up All Night

Poor Selah awoke us last night with a few rounds of stomach sickness, prompting a sheet change and a Mommy/Selah sleepover on the couch. Nothing’s harder than your baby being sick with nothing you can do about it. But Selah, as always, put a sweet piece of her personality into it:
Mommy: (Selah laying on my belly) Do you feel the baby kicking you from my tummy?
Selah: Yes, Mommy. That’s my bro-der. He’s so worried about me.
Mommy: Oh, you’re right. He probably is.
Selah: Yeah. He is, Mommy.

My sweet little girl. And, although I’m going on about 3 weeks of sickness myself, not to mention the already uncomfortable third trimester, all I could think of last night was what a privilege it was to be up with her. To be hugging this little blessing, in all her fever, sweat, & puke. Because there are a lot of people out there this week that would give anything they have to be able to spend one more rough night like that with their little ones. And I’ll try to honor that the only way I know how – to soak up and be thankful for every wonderful, terrible, easy, hard, loving, amazing, and always blessed moment that I have with mine.

My Loves

My Loves

For those of you not on Facebook, this is a picture from the Westmont volleyball banquet this weekend. Too perfect not to share here too! 🙂

Selah-isms This Week

This morning:
Selah: Daddy, please build Mommy & me a castle?
Me: Oh yeah, Daddy, a castle please?
Daddy: A castle? Out of what?
Selah: (She hands him her prized fuzzy blanket). This, Daddy.
Me: Not quite the castle I imagined 😉

Also this morning:
Me: Maybe I should get a prenatal massage, my shoulders are crazy tight.
Selah: I’ll do it! I’ll massage your shoulders, Mommy!
Me: Ok! Should I sit right in front of you?
Selah: Yeah. (Starts “massaging” my shoulders). Uh oh, Mommy! I got germs on your shoulders!
Me: It’s OK. I probably have your germs, honey.
Selah: It’s cheese, Mommy.
Me: Oh, yeah, I probably didn’t have your cheese on my shoulders before 😉
(She was eating cheese crackers & smeared it on the shoulders of my shirt 😉