Selah-isms This Week

This morning:
Selah: Daddy, please build Mommy & me a castle?
Me: Oh yeah, Daddy, a castle please?
Daddy: A castle? Out of what?
Selah: (She hands him her prized fuzzy blanket). This, Daddy.
Me: Not quite the castle I imagined 😉

Also this morning:
Me: Maybe I should get a prenatal massage, my shoulders are crazy tight.
Selah: I’ll do it! I’ll massage your shoulders, Mommy!
Me: Ok! Should I sit right in front of you?
Selah: Yeah. (Starts “massaging” my shoulders). Uh oh, Mommy! I got germs on your shoulders!
Me: It’s OK. I probably have your germs, honey.
Selah: It’s cheese, Mommy.
Me: Oh, yeah, I probably didn’t have your cheese on my shoulders before 😉
(She was eating cheese crackers & smeared it on the shoulders of my shirt 😉