Up All Night

Poor Selah awoke us last night with a few rounds of stomach sickness, prompting a sheet change and a Mommy/Selah sleepover on the couch. Nothing’s harder than your baby being sick with nothing you can do about it. But Selah, as always, put a sweet piece of her personality into it:
Mommy: (Selah laying on my belly) Do you feel the baby kicking you from my tummy?
Selah: Yes, Mommy. That’s my bro-der. He’s so worried about me.
Mommy: Oh, you’re right. He probably is.
Selah: Yeah. He is, Mommy.

My sweet little girl. And, although I’m going on about 3 weeks of sickness myself, not to mention the already uncomfortable third trimester, all I could think of last night was what a privilege it was to be up with her. To be hugging this little blessing, in all her fever, sweat, & puke. Because there are a lot of people out there this week that would give anything they have to be able to spend one more rough night like that with their little ones. And I’ll try to honor that the only way I know how – to soak up and be thankful for every wonderful, terrible, easy, hard, loving, amazing, and always blessed moment that I have with mine.