Selah on Santa Claus…

Didn’t think we’d be having the “is Santa real” conversation so early…but here it is! 😉

Mommy: Selah, do you want to go see Santa at Grandma’s this year before Christmas? Remember riding the horses?
Selah: Santa isn’t real, Mommy.
Mommy: Really? Who told you that?
Selah: *silence*
Mommy: If Santa isn’t real, then he can’t bring us presents. He is going to come and leave us presents under the tree – he goes in down the chimney right there! And fills our stockings…
Selah: I just don’t want Santa in our house, Mommy.

She makes a valid point, that kid. Strangers in our house have never been a big wish of mine either. But for presents? Geesh! 😉

I haven’t downloaded all the pictures yet from picking out the tree, but I did download this gem the other day and thought I’d share. My “cutie pie” (apparently, I call her that, as the other day in the bath, she looks at me and says, Mommy, you’re my cutie pie!)


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