December – Pre-Christmas Update

I thought I should update prior to Christmas with some pics from the month so far – since obviously I will be overwhelming you with pictures after the holiday, of course. Here’s what we’ve been up to (remember to click on the pics if you want to see them better – the small view sometimes doesn’t do justice to Selah’s funny facial expressions!):

Making Christmas ornaments (don’t look if you’re family! They’re for you!):
2012-11-25 Making Ornaments

Should I leave in my pony tails, Mommy?
2012-12-08 0Should I leave this in

OK, I guess I will…
2012-12-08 1OK I will

A pic at 27 weeks:
2012-12-08 27 weeks

My loves:
2012-12-08 My Loves

Can I help you?
2012-12-09 1can i help you

This chocolate chip scone Daddy bought me is GOOD!
2012-12-09 2this choco chip scone is good

Who let’s their kid do this…yeah, us, I guess. Picking out every last chocolate chip:
2012-12-09 3every last chip

Now the sugar is kicking in:
2012-12-09 4 sugar kicking in

Selah & Daddy being silly:
2012-12-09 daddy & Selah silly

Daddy & Selah at the tree farm:
2012-12-09 daddy and selah smile

Another one of my favorite people:
2012-12-09 daddy and selah

Giving her baby brother a kiss…I’m loving this!
2012-12-09 giving bro a kiss

Playing with the hay in the manger. Selah says, “Mommy, this is where the baby Jesus goes?”
2012-12-09 hay in the manger

Jumping is so much fun! Definitely better than picking out a tree (notice the lack of tree photos? Yeah, it’s because I couldn’t get her to look at trees)
2012-12-09 jumping is better

Showing our “special necklaces”:
2012-12-09 special necklaces

With Mommy:

At the Christmas Tree Farm
At the Christmas Tree Farm

I will followup this post soon with pics of Disneyland. Yep, we went to the happiest place on earth to see the decorations at Christmastime. It was definitely worth it – so much fun to see her light up!

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