Disneyland Christmas

Well, we spent most of the time enjoying the day rather than taking pictures, which was so nice! And Mommy got to be in a lot of them because Daddy took over picture-duty! I think maybe the time to hand over that duty was no so much when I’m almost 8 months pregnant though 😉 Not loving the pics of me, but whatever, it was a good time with my little girl as a family. So much fun to relish the time that she is an “only child”. I know it will be fun to have a sibling, but I am getting kind of sad that she won’t be my only.

So, for Disneyland! She LOVED meeting the characters, so that is what most of these are. Enjoy!

Meeting Goofy with Daddy. We were getting tired by this time, so it was a little anticlimactic…
2012-12-19 Goofy With Daddy

Mickey was right before Goofy…and he was a little scary in his “wizard” outfit:
2012-12-19 Mickey Family Pic

Minnie was by far the BEST meeting! Here’s the hug:
2012-12-19 Minnie Hug

Our pic with her beloved Minnie:
2012-12-19 Minnie Pic

Watching the parade and waving at Goofy the “Cooker” (that’s what Selah called his chef outfit as he danced with cookies):
2012-12-19 Parade Wave

Having a “tea party” at Minnie’s station while she took a break and checked on her cheesecake ;):
2012-12-19 Tea Party Waiting for Minnie

Yay! We LOVED loved LOVED the parade – what a hit!
2012-12-19 Yay Parade

What a change going to Disneyland is when you have a toddler. The things I would have never done (ie. meeting the characters) become the most fun – to watch her little face meeting her ‘heros’. And eating popcorn on the ground while watching a parade – not exactly on my pre-kiddo top 10 list, but it’s right up there now. What fun it is to experience things through the eyes of a toddler. We are so blessed and don’t want to take a minute for granted. (I suppose that means I need to go back and look at these pics every once in awhile – like, after a no-nap afternoon, or a tantrum! – just to be reminded of how blessed we are to have a healthy little girl and our little family)

Videos to follow – Daddy took lots of the parade.

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