Mommy & Me Morning

Daddy went to work on the duplex this morning, so Selah and I geared up for a Mommy & me morning. What a blessing, and a lot of work, all at the same time. The further along I get (not to mention the ribs), the more physical effort it seems to be to schlep her in and out if the car seat, carry a toddler plus toddler “stuff” around, and chase her around. But it’s still fun, and I cherish our “dates” and try to rest up to have the most energy as possible!

Thought I’d share pics of us being silly before we left the house for gymnastics, then the beach, then lunch with friends & a chocolate chip scone (treat!!).

I can finally braid(ish) her hair a little…

And of course as soon as I whip out the phone for pictures, she wants to take some…So here they are :):





Making a Scene

Ah, the third trimester. My favorite. *insert sarcasm*. I’m sure I’ve mentioned it here before, and I know my husband hears it all too much…but I’m just not a good pregnant person. Yes, I love feeling the baby move. Yes, I think it’s great to be able to experience the “miracle of life”. But do I really love and relish every moment of feeling huge, off-balance, sick, having terrible skin, and being perpetually tired? Not so much. But this pregnancy has really brought this all to a whole new level – especially this weekend.

For those who know me, you know that I’m not a big “scene maker”. I prefer flying under the radar, don’t really like people paying attention to me so much, and certainly attempt to follow all general rules that society has, written or unwritten, in order to fit in and be as unnoticed as possible by strangers. So, that knowledge prefaces what is most likely one of the largest “scenes” I’ve made inadvertently in public in my life. Welcome to my third trimester.

Background: I caught a cough from Selah that I just can’t shake. She’s had it for awhile, and it was only a cough with no other symptoms – so a little confusing on if she was sick or if she has her Daddy’s allergies, since it really only reared its head at night when she lay down. So when I got it, I was actually kind of relieved that I could figure out what she had by experiencing it – which will surely be the last time I think that! I had the cough for about a week when my upper rib cage started hurting. At first just when I coughed, then progressing to when I breathed deeply, then eventually to where it was painful to walk, move, or breathe at all. I went to Urgent Care for two days in a row, but there was over a 3 hour wait both days, so I ended up leaving and figuring that I was better off not sharing space with a thousand other sick people for 3 hours then to be treated. After being in fairly severe pain for two full days, having a hard time breathing, and talking to my midwives, I decided on Saturday that I needed to suck it up and go in. Cue the worst “scene” I’ve created in my life:

The clinic opened at 9 AM, and I arrived at 8:40 AM to find a line around the building. OK, great. Probably a 2 hour wait – at least we’re 1 hour less than before! Once they opened the building and we were standing waiting to check in, my midwive called me. Knowing there is a “no-cell-phone” rule, I hesitantly answered, but wanted to ask her if I should get out of line and go check myself into the ER – when you can’t breath, have been in pain for 2 days, and are 34 weeks pregnant – you just can’t make those kind of decisions without consult. (Plus, really, wouldn’t all these people behind me be glad to see me leave, causing them 10 minutes less of a wait?). Apparently not.

Some lady who was about 4 people behind me decided that the right time to reprimand me for breaking the no-cell-phone rule would be while I was actually ON the phone trying to figure out how best to be treated. In my confusion of trying to listen to two people (remember, I like people to like me and I always follow rules, so reprimanding affects me much more than my “I-couldn’t-care-less-about-how-others-feel-or-think” husband! 😉 ), I was having a hard time processing this lady and what my midwive was trying to convey. So, of course, the logical response? Cry like a baby. Yep.

Oh, but wait! That’s not all!

Getting upset apparently triggered yet another awesome pregnant symptom! Nose bleeds! And this was the nose bleed of all nose bleeds. The crying also helped to spread the massive looking amount of blood spewing out my nostrils onto the lady reprimanding me – even more awesome! And you can imagine what everyone else in the entire line was doing? It was like a slow motion train wreck and I fully embraced the part. I started crying at her with phrases to the effect of, “Why are you yelling at me?”, “You have no idea what I’ve been through thsi week!”, and “I’m clearly pregnant and just trying to talk to my midwife”, while people slowly backed away. And since I had nothing to stop the blood, I definitely resembled a car accident victim by the end of it. All until a very sweet, sympathetic nurse came and rushed me past EVERYONE in line and had me seen by a doctor immediately!

So, lessons learned: (1) Sometimes making a scene, although inappropriate and embarrassing, gets you to your ultimate goal faster than following rules, and (2) If you’d like to really make someone feel bad for reprimanding you, you should try being pregnant, crying, and bleeding all over them. If she didn’t feel bad after that, I’m not sure what would trigger it.

Oh, and in case you were wondering the diagnosis…I have strained/dislocated my ribs from coughing and there is some sort of nerve being pinched in there causing the pain breathing. Normally they would stabilize my rib cage with a rib belt, but oh yeah, I’m super pregnant, so that doesn’t work! So I get to power through ;). Now just resting up and trying to heal (and not cough! Or laugh at myself because all of that was a pretty awesome display, you must admit).

All Smiles

A trip to “zebra park” and a sugar free lollipop is all it took to restore her to all smiles after the doctor yesterday afternoon:

I’m taking notes…good life lessons from a smarty pants two-year-old! 😉

GG’s 90th

90! 9-0! Seriously, what kind of milestone is that?! An impressive one, is what! 😉

My grandma, Selah’s great-grandma, turned 90 this Monday. The whole family got together the weekend prior to celebrate. What fun to have Selah get to visit and play with some of her cousins around her age, and fun for us cousins to see each other and catch up…well, as much as you can “catch up” when our kiddos are around. But it was great. I know I’m like a broken record, but here it is again: we’re so blessed with such awesome family (on both sides) and extended family.

I tried to take a lot of pictures that day…and was clearly successful. Tried to narrow down to some favorites here from the day:

This was taken after our “official” family pictures. For which I prepared beforehand by “prepping” Selah that if she listened to us and was good during the pictures, she’d great “treats”. So, here it is: pictures over and munching on her peanut M&M “treat” (yep, bribery. Not to be overused, but it definitely is effective when used selectively):
1 - its over and I got treats

Playing with grandma:
2 - playing with grandma

Jumping on the swinging bridge:
3 - jumping on bridge

More playing on the bridge:
12 - on the bridge

Playing in the historic schoolhouse with the cousins:
4 - cousins in school

Cael & Selah:
5 - cael & selah

Selah in school:
6 - selah at school

Gramma being funny in school with the kids:
7 - gramma being funny

Mommy with her tired girl:
8 - Mommy & tired girl

Jumping at Uncle Steve’s with the cousins:
9 - jumpng with cousins

Getting into it with the “big kids” – Selah will jump literally as long as we let her, but she’s sometimes a little timid when there are a lot of people on there…not so with this group! They got her going with all of them!
10 - with the big kids

Still jumping…
11 - still jumping

Playing piano with Cael:
12 - playing piano

These aren’t the “formal” family pictures we took, but I figured since everyone was all dressed up and together, that I would force a few more pics of the families with my own camera. Here they are:

All the grandkids with GG:
GG & Grandkids

Kids and kids of grandkids:
GG kids & grandkids

My mom’s older brother’s (My Uncle Mike’s) family:
Mike Adams Family

The Wheelers and the Smiths:
Wheelers & Smiths

Just our growing family of 3(+):

What a great day of celebrating my grandmother. I think I said something similar in my birthday card for her, but if I can be even half the wife, mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother that she has been, it would be a success. I am so blessed to have her, and so is the rest of our family.

Afternoon at the Park

I had to add just one more for today – sorry to overwhelm after not posting for weeks!

But to make up for lost time, and to capture my favorite moments while we’re a family of three, I just had to!

Poor Selah has been “sick” for almost two weeks now. I put it in quotes because “sick” actually just means she is up coughing at night with no other symptoms during the day…so Jesse & I have had less than perfect sleep patterns for close to 14 nights, but have a full-energy toddler still during the day. It’s also been really cold (in the 50’s actually! Cold for us, not bad if you’re comparing to snow or something I guess). Which means we haven’t gone to the park as often as normal. So, today we had Selah ride her trike up with us to expend some energy (& hopefully kill the last of the cough? We can only hope). Daddy certainly got his workout in and I couldn’t resist taking pictures of my loves:










Merry Christmas 2012

Finally just downloaded all our Christmas pictures. I tried to narrow it down to my favorite 20 – only thing we missed was Skyping our Hawaii family, which is a bummer, but Skyping (especially during Christmas) with a toddler is kind of hectic to stay on the video portion, in addition to taking some pics. So, whoops, missed that part, but it happened and it was fun to at least be connected while she opened her presents. Starting with the day before…

Our visit to “Santa’s House”. This is as close as we got to Santa. She didn’t really even like it when the door opened between kids and she could see him.
1 - Santas House

A much more popular hit was the fountain – she loved throwing coins and making wishes! Good thing Grandpa was generous and parted with all of his change. Here she is with Grandma at the edge:
2 - Fountain with Gramma

Love this smile:
3 - Big Smile

Outside the SLO Mission:
4 - the mission

Making wishes:
5 - making wishes

She has quite the “wind-up”:
6 - the windup

Then on Christmas Eve, we celebrated with Nana and Papa, Grandma and Grandpa, and us at Grandma & Grandpa’s house. I think she got a kick out of giving her gifts (and of course getting them too!). Here’s her delivering her first gift to Nana:
7 - helping nana

Helping Nana unwrap:
8 - nana gift

Moving on to help Papa open his:
9 - helping papa

Finally opening her presents! Here’s a new purple princess dress!
10 - new dress

Which of course she needed on right that instant!
11 - i need it on

Oh, and a beautiful pink skirt. Might as well put that one on too! 😉
12 - the skirt too

Oh my goodness, it keeps getting better – a Rapunzel dress and doll! (Sidenote – how in the world did I end up with such a girly girl?! Geez. What I thought would be my nightmare though actually turns out to be pretty darn cute):
13 - and a rapunzel dress

Giving Nana a hug to thank her:
14 - thanking nana

Ready for tea time with my new tea set?
15 - tea set scrunched nose

Showing Nana the lighted village:
16 - nana and the village

She was really enjoying telling Nana all about it! Which was super sweet:
16 - showing nana the lights

Posing with Grandma:
17 - with gramma

I have less pictures on actual Christmas – maybe because it was more hectic? I’m not sure, but I’m lacking for that day. Good thing I got some the day before. But here’s the good ones from that day:

A new jewelry box and LOTS of jewelry to wear!
18 - jewelry box

I need ALL of them on, Mom:
19 - i want them all on

Using our new window markers from our stocking the next day:
20 - window art

I missed the Christmas day portion where we went to Uncle Steve and Aunt Rose’s house…and made them clean off the trampoline so that Selah could jump for an hour straight. Kaylee and Alyssa were champs and jumped right along with her in the cold – letting Mom and Dad watch on the sidelines (although, we did get up there too!). A blessed Christmas for sure, and we are so thankful to have a happy, healthy, fun, full of personality little girl – along with an amazing family to boot! Merry Christmas! 🙂

Parenting Fail & Our Weekend

Actual conversation last night in the car:
Me (to Jesse): Ugh, my car smells – I had to take my shoe out of that plastic bag because I needed to throw away Selah’s poopy diaper, and I stepped in dog crap dropping her at preschool.
Selah: What’s dog CRAP?
Jesse & I: (hysterical laughter. Unstoppable and loud…which hurt Selah’s feelings & made her cry. Great job, Mom!)

So, there’s the first “bad word”. Could be worse I suppose, but it was funny to then explain to her that “poop” is better to use than “crap”, and mommy made a mistake!

In other weekend news…
Daddy grouting the bathroom floor:


Our family “date” at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf…trying not to forget to take a little time each weekend enjoying our family of three! (Even though there’s lots of work to be done, we don’t want to miss this last time to enjoy our only child!)


And, I escaped to take a walk yesterday. I’ve been trying to walk some since its the only exercise I seem to accomplish. And Santa Barbara is pretty awesome to walk around! Here’s some iPhone pics of the last week of walking:






Yeah, so, how blessed am I to live here?!? Pretty darn blessed, even when it’s been cold & crisp this week!

Still need to download Christmas & GG’s 90th birthday pics…so more to come… 😉

The Negotiator

Actual morning conversation today:

Selah: Mom, nooooo, don’t come here. Stay there.
Me: OK, I need to change the poo poo though. Do you want to change it in ONE minute or TWO minutes?
Selah: Let’s change it in FIVE minutes.

How can you argue with that? I think I’ll bring her to work today since I’ll be negotiating change orders on the close-out of my recent flood control project. I’m pretty sure she’s ready to deal with some real dollar amounts here, and my Contractor might respond to her tactics better than my own.