Afternoon at the Park

I had to add just one more for today – sorry to overwhelm after not posting for weeks!

But to make up for lost time, and to capture my favorite moments while we’re a family of three, I just had to!

Poor Selah has been “sick” for almost two weeks now. I put it in quotes because “sick” actually just means she is up coughing at night with no other symptoms during the day…so Jesse & I have had less than perfect sleep patterns for close to 14 nights, but have a full-energy toddler still during the day. It’s also been really cold (in the 50’s actually! Cold for us, not bad if you’re comparing to snow or something I guess). Which means we haven’t gone to the park as often as normal. So, today we had Selah ride her trike up with us to expend some energy (& hopefully kill the last of the cough? We can only hope). Daddy certainly got his workout in and I couldn’t resist taking pictures of my loves:










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