Merry Christmas 2012

Finally just downloaded all our Christmas pictures. I tried to narrow it down to my favorite 20 – only thing we missed was Skyping our Hawaii family, which is a bummer, but Skyping (especially during Christmas) with a toddler is kind of hectic to stay on the video portion, in addition to taking some pics. So, whoops, missed that part, but it happened and it was fun to at least be connected while she opened her presents. Starting with the day before…

Our visit to “Santa’s House”. This is as close as we got to Santa. She didn’t really even like it when the door opened between kids and she could see him.
1 - Santas House

A much more popular hit was the fountain – she loved throwing coins and making wishes! Good thing Grandpa was generous and parted with all of his change. Here she is with Grandma at the edge:
2 - Fountain with Gramma

Love this smile:
3 - Big Smile

Outside the SLO Mission:
4 - the mission

Making wishes:
5 - making wishes

She has quite the “wind-up”:
6 - the windup

Then on Christmas Eve, we celebrated with Nana and Papa, Grandma and Grandpa, and us at Grandma & Grandpa’s house. I think she got a kick out of giving her gifts (and of course getting them too!). Here’s her delivering her first gift to Nana:
7 - helping nana

Helping Nana unwrap:
8 - nana gift

Moving on to help Papa open his:
9 - helping papa

Finally opening her presents! Here’s a new purple princess dress!
10 - new dress

Which of course she needed on right that instant!
11 - i need it on

Oh, and a beautiful pink skirt. Might as well put that one on too! 😉
12 - the skirt too

Oh my goodness, it keeps getting better – a Rapunzel dress and doll! (Sidenote – how in the world did I end up with such a girly girl?! Geez. What I thought would be my nightmare though actually turns out to be pretty darn cute):
13 - and a rapunzel dress

Giving Nana a hug to thank her:
14 - thanking nana

Ready for tea time with my new tea set?
15 - tea set scrunched nose

Showing Nana the lighted village:
16 - nana and the village

She was really enjoying telling Nana all about it! Which was super sweet:
16 - showing nana the lights

Posing with Grandma:
17 - with gramma

I have less pictures on actual Christmas – maybe because it was more hectic? I’m not sure, but I’m lacking for that day. Good thing I got some the day before. But here’s the good ones from that day:

A new jewelry box and LOTS of jewelry to wear!
18 - jewelry box

I need ALL of them on, Mom:
19 - i want them all on

Using our new window markers from our stocking the next day:
20 - window art

I missed the Christmas day portion where we went to Uncle Steve and Aunt Rose’s house…and made them clean off the trampoline so that Selah could jump for an hour straight. Kaylee and Alyssa were champs and jumped right along with her in the cold – letting Mom and Dad watch on the sidelines (although, we did get up there too!). A blessed Christmas for sure, and we are so thankful to have a happy, healthy, fun, full of personality little girl – along with an amazing family to boot! Merry Christmas! 🙂

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