Parenting Fail & Our Weekend

Actual conversation last night in the car:
Me (to Jesse): Ugh, my car smells – I had to take my shoe out of that plastic bag because I needed to throw away Selah’s poopy diaper, and I stepped in dog crap dropping her at preschool.
Selah: What’s dog CRAP?
Jesse & I: (hysterical laughter. Unstoppable and loud…which hurt Selah’s feelings & made her cry. Great job, Mom!)

So, there’s the first “bad word”. Could be worse I suppose, but it was funny to then explain to her that “poop” is better to use than “crap”, and mommy made a mistake!

In other weekend news…
Daddy grouting the bathroom floor:


Our family “date” at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf…trying not to forget to take a little time each weekend enjoying our family of three! (Even though there’s lots of work to be done, we don’t want to miss this last time to enjoy our only child!)


And, I escaped to take a walk yesterday. I’ve been trying to walk some since its the only exercise I seem to accomplish. And Santa Barbara is pretty awesome to walk around! Here’s some iPhone pics of the last week of walking:






Yeah, so, how blessed am I to live here?!? Pretty darn blessed, even when it’s been cold & crisp this week!

Still need to download Christmas & GG’s 90th birthday pics…so more to come… šŸ˜‰

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