GG’s 90th

90! 9-0! Seriously, what kind of milestone is that?! An impressive one, is what! 😉

My grandma, Selah’s great-grandma, turned 90 this Monday. The whole family got together the weekend prior to celebrate. What fun to have Selah get to visit and play with some of her cousins around her age, and fun for us cousins to see each other and catch up…well, as much as you can “catch up” when our kiddos are around. But it was great. I know I’m like a broken record, but here it is again: we’re so blessed with such awesome family (on both sides) and extended family.

I tried to take a lot of pictures that day…and was clearly successful. Tried to narrow down to some favorites here from the day:

This was taken after our “official” family pictures. For which I prepared beforehand by “prepping” Selah that if she listened to us and was good during the pictures, she’d great “treats”. So, here it is: pictures over and munching on her peanut M&M “treat” (yep, bribery. Not to be overused, but it definitely is effective when used selectively):
1 - its over and I got treats

Playing with grandma:
2 - playing with grandma

Jumping on the swinging bridge:
3 - jumping on bridge

More playing on the bridge:
12 - on the bridge

Playing in the historic schoolhouse with the cousins:
4 - cousins in school

Cael & Selah:
5 - cael & selah

Selah in school:
6 - selah at school

Gramma being funny in school with the kids:
7 - gramma being funny

Mommy with her tired girl:
8 - Mommy & tired girl

Jumping at Uncle Steve’s with the cousins:
9 - jumpng with cousins

Getting into it with the “big kids” – Selah will jump literally as long as we let her, but she’s sometimes a little timid when there are a lot of people on there…not so with this group! They got her going with all of them!
10 - with the big kids

Still jumping…
11 - still jumping

Playing piano with Cael:
12 - playing piano

These aren’t the “formal” family pictures we took, but I figured since everyone was all dressed up and together, that I would force a few more pics of the families with my own camera. Here they are:

All the grandkids with GG:
GG & Grandkids

Kids and kids of grandkids:
GG kids & grandkids

My mom’s older brother’s (My Uncle Mike’s) family:
Mike Adams Family

The Wheelers and the Smiths:
Wheelers & Smiths

Just our growing family of 3(+):

What a great day of celebrating my grandmother. I think I said something similar in my birthday card for her, but if I can be even half the wife, mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother that she has been, it would be a success. I am so blessed to have her, and so is the rest of our family.

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