The Last Days

We’ve tried to do something as a family, even if its small, each day lately. Part of my nostalgia as we get closer to being a family of four instead of three, I guess! I just want Selah to go into this transition all “filled up”, in hopes of it being as easy as it can be on her to get used to sharing her family with the baby.

Today, it was bubble chasing, castle making, and Daddy “burying” her in the sand. So much fun with our little girl, and she & daddy are bonding a lot since I’m pretty incapacitated because of my uncomfortable size (among other pains) at 39 weeks along! :). Here’s the few pics I captured on my phone:




How blessed we are to have such a sweet, happy, healthy little girl…and to be able to spend quality time with her – in a beautiful place like Santa Barbara, no less!

Sunday Funday

Selah & Daddy sharing a special Yogurtland “treat” for doing so great on the potty! It was a no-accident day – and she made it through church, a birthday party, & a trip downtown successfully, which is definitely more than we’ve previously attempted.

However, I’m pretty sure we need to come up with new reward system – she pretty much is working us on the sweets, so I’m looking for stickers & other miscellaneous potty prizes that won’t ultimately result in sugar addiction or teeth rotting! 😉

My Little Fish


Selah’s swim instructor this time around is amazing. She loves going to class AND she now actually propels herself somewhere! Here’s a few little videos – they’re kind of far away, but hopefully you can pick her out of the crowd…
Swimming to the wall, then back:

A short little clip of going across with Miss Kara:

Jumping off the wall:

And one more pic of our little Valentine:


The countdown is on for little brother too! Just under two weeks to due date, so anytime now…

More Dancing

I should have other updates, but hey, being 38 weeks pregnant and still working isn’t the easiest, so blogging has fallen by the wayside! But…I did upload the Daddy-daughter Valentine’s Day dance “prep” video that we took before they left, so thought you might like that along with a funny pic or two. Here goes…

The “before” video (I can’t figure out how to embed it, so you have to click the link, sorry!):

I should have taken an “after” video – she was SO worn out from running around, dancing, and probably a pretty good sugar high/crash. It was awesome. And she still talks about it.

This isn’t the best quality picture, but I just love the expressions…

OK, I love this one too:

And not a huge fan of pictures of me pregnant (this was two weeks ago – imagine how huge I am now!), but love my little princess kissing her little brother…

Daddy Daughter Dance

Words can’t express how much I love these pictures! They’re from the Daddy Daughter Valentine’s Dance at our church – a Daddy & Selah tradition. She was SO pumped to go, which makes it all the more fun (lots of times, even when WE know she’ll love something, she doesn’t realize & the “forcing” is such a chore that it takes away from the actual event – but not the case here!). She kept asking, “Prince, lets go dance!”…which was super cute. Don’t we just wish that Daddy could stay her “prince” forever…so we’ll enjoy it while it lasts! 😉