The Last Days

We’ve tried to do something as a family, even if its small, each day lately. Part of my nostalgia as we get closer to being a family of four instead of three, I guess! I just want Selah to go into this transition all “filled up”, in hopes of it being as easy as it can be on her to get used to sharing her family with the baby.

Today, it was bubble chasing, castle making, and Daddy “burying” her in the sand. So much fun with our little girl, and she & daddy are bonding a lot since I’m pretty incapacitated because of my uncomfortable size (among other pains) at 39 weeks along! :). Here’s the few pics I captured on my phone:




How blessed we are to have such a sweet, happy, healthy little girl…and to be able to spend quality time with her – in a beautiful place like Santa Barbara, no less!

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