Two Weeks!

Happy two weeks to my growing baby boy! He’s filling out – cheeks & arms are getting chunkier & more “baby-like”:

And those sweet kissable lips:

A short catnap with mom while sister is sleeping:

And some of the other “baby” – or should I say Rapunzel!

The hair was a special request with the princess dress this morning!

It’s been a fun day so far with the two of them, and I’m getting the hang of having a newborn and two-year-old – although, when I’m in the middle if something with her and he needs to eat (which is frequent), the attitude shift is usually pretty apparent. He’s a pretty versatile baby though, so I’m blessed that he’s flexible with basically everything so far other than when he’s hungry! Now I just hope I can stay home with them a little bit longer! 🙂

One Reply to “Two Weeks!”

  1. Oh I am enjoying each and every one of these posts!!!! Sweetie look at Selah!! She is getting SO BIG! What a good big sister! Asher is so cute!!! I can’t wait to meet him…hopefully SOON 🙂

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