Our Little Star

So, this is the most painful video to watch ever unless you are basically her mother, father, a grandparent, or a very loyal friend of our daughter that wants to watch a kid performance of a few songs at church for Palm Sunday 😉
However, as her mother, I definitely enjoyed the live performance more than the 7 minute long video (yes, I will admit it is pretty painful to rewatch the whole thing – but please feel free! It does get cuter towards the middle – the first couple minutes are a little iffy), and we were so proud of her. I mean, we couldn’t predict the many number of outcomes this could have resulted in – tears, potty accident on stage, outright refusal to go up, her typical shyness…so the willingness to be up there that long, and the semi-following of directions, hand motions, and lyrics were a proud 7-8 minutes for us as parents! And we caught it all on film! So, here goes…Selah’s Palm Sunday performance from this morning of Deep Cries Out, My God is So Big, and Jesus Loves Me:

One Reply to “Our Little Star”

  1. Watched it beginning to end…oh my goodness seriously made me cry. So so sweet!!! So grateful. God is soooooooo good!

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