We’re Still Here!

Mmmm...Baby ear looks deeee-licious!
Mmmm…Baby ear looks deeee-licious!

So, long time, no post. I’ll sum it all up: We’ve been sick. First Selah, then Asher, then yours truly. So, exhausted mama + exhausted daddy = no posting. Plus, I kind of like to use this place to recap the good things happening, not so much the bad. Not that we need to sugar-coat our lives, but just takes a little more effort for me to log in the scary, sick-ey times than the beautiful ones.

In other news, Asher is officially my chunky monkey. You can check out the man-boob in the photo below for evidence. And I love, love, love it. Nothing better than a baby full of “muscles” (Jesse is sensitive to his boy being referred to as fat, so we use the term “muscley” 😉 ). Our summary: healing family, chunky baby, and an almost-three princess with a party coming up this week (translation: lots more pictures to follow!). And I’ll leave you with this gem (Dear Family Members, you’re going to want to click to enlarge this puppy):

Sweet Sleeping Monkey
Sweet Sleeping Monkey

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