11 Weeks

Long over due pics of my little man!



What a difference 11 weeks makes, right? The little monkey is growing like a weed! And this time I’d really like it to slow down. Don’t get me wrong – the sleepless nights are no picnic – but this is my last go-round and I’m getting sad that the baby days just fly by. He’s three months into this gig and that’s already a quarter of a year! I guess I just have to soak up the moments I do have since they go quick.

Even today, Selah, Asher, & I went to the park after school and she found a little friend (another 3 year old) and was telling me, “go away mom” when they were climbing up the “big slide” and I was standing behind her making sure she didn’t slip – something just a month ago she’d make me do every time. Guess I thought I’d have a few more years before she was publicly shunning me around her friends, but I’m sure this is my payback! Sorry, Mom – I love you! 😉

So, I’ll just hold tight to this little one for now and get my cuddles in when I can:


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