First BFFs

Yes, I still owe pictures of Selah’s birthday, which I haven’t even downloaded. But in the meantime had to post some pictures from my phone of the weekend.
Jesse went on a men’s golf weekend with a group of guys from church, so I had to find ways to fill my time with two kiddos…with my mom gone and most of my girl friends away on a bachelorette weekend, I decided to skip town and visit my very first childhood friend.
We are 11 months apart, and happen to have girls who are 11 months apart as well as boys who are 2 weeks apart. We couldn’t have planned it if we tried, but it’s such a blessing to have them in our lives and of course we have “arranged friendships” set up for them. šŸ˜‰
Here’s a picture of the boys (& Selah “protecting” her brother as usual):

Not sure the picture quite captures his size, but Elijah (Andrea’s baby) is a big boy! Asher isn’t small, but Elijah pretty much dwarfs him already. We knew it’d happen sometime since Andrea & her hubby are tall, but guess at 2 months Asher has no hope of catching him ;). But they are oh-so-cute together – friends from birth, literally!
And the girls are pretty much the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen in my life. Pictures will speak for themselves here:


Of course we are absolutely biased as parents, but shouldn’t these cuties be Gap models together or something? šŸ˜‰ Just the cutest combo of complete opposites in coloring, but both so beautiful inside & out.
What a sweet day it was, and how blessed we are to have lifelong friends who we consider family. The only thing better could have been that I didn’t have to drive! (I skip over the fact I had a screaming baby for 40 minutes each of the 1.5 hours coming & going!)

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