Growing Boy

Good thing I decided to go through little brother’s clothes this afternoon to check out the 6 month “batch”.

I did this with Selah too – waited too long to look at my upcoming clothes options in sizes and missed out completely on some super cute outfits that she outgrew before I realized they fit. So…today in flipping through the upcoming options, noticed that this “6 month” t-shirt was looking like it might already inadvertently be a “skinny-tee”…and sure enough – our plump little 90% in weight/20% in height guy barely fits into his tee that was a gift from Grandma & Grandpa before we even knew he’d be a “he”! So we’ll make sure to squeeze him in it this week (& we have a perfect pair of shorts that match!). Plus, I’ll be reorganizing a little to make sure we catch all the other clothes before they’re outgrown without even a wear.
Here’s a pic from earlier this week of him with his sister in a *literally* “little crown”. Selah put it on his head and said, “Awww, Mommy, look! A little crown for my little Prince!”. I melt. 😉

And just a few of my loves all together:



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