Party “Prep”

Still haven’t completed the birthday series, so here is one more to add to it!

Since it was Daddy’s birthday, I arranged for dinner reservations and “fun Hannah” to play with Selah. When we came home from our date night, we walked right in on the princess preparation party! Here’s a small sampling of the “prep” activities that went on in our absence…

“Soft” curlers!
2013-05-10 curlers

Don’t touch πŸ˜‰ :
2013-05-10 dont touch

Girl’s night with Hannah is the best!
2013-05-10 hannah girls night

She even takes care of the toes!
2013-05-10 hannah toes

Princess Prep is tough work, people!
2013-05-10 princess prep

After bedtime, we got right on the cake! What better cake for a princess party then a CASTLE?! πŸ˜‰ Here was the handiwork…and don’t let Jesse fool you, he enjoyed icing this thing for his baby girl on his own birthday! (And the Good Dad Award of the Year goes to…)

2013-05-10 daddy ices

The Castle Cake!
The Castle Cake!
Chocolate Windows
Chocolate Windows

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