Sweet Moments

As I was searching for pictures of the party and party “prep”, I found a few sweet pictures of my loves that I had to share. Time can sure fly by, especially with babies, and even looking at these, I cannot believe how big my “Crash-crash” has gotten.

And what a good big sister he has:
2013-05-05 good big sis

Always looking after her sleeping brother:
2013-05-5 Selah & sleeping baby

Ash snoozing on “fun Hannah’s” hand. He loves this girl, and aren’t we blessed to have her too!
2013-05-06 holding hannah hand

My little baby bath bundle!
2013-05-08 Bath Bundle

And isn’t tummy time oh-so-tiring, Mommy?! I couldn’t even make it through:
2013-05-09 Tummy Time Tired

Soon to come: the actual party day, I promise! 😉

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