A Wheeler Sunday

Of course I’m biased, but I thought my little man was so handsome all cleaned up for church this AM!



And apparently it tuckered him out!

Family trip to Yogurtland after (& Habit for Mom & Dad) meant smiles all around:


And what would a Sunday Funday be without a little sibling “love”/harassment?! (Asher does surprisingly well with this level of closeness – I had to include the whole progression for effect, of course):





But alas, we all reach our breaking point sometime. We just happen to take pictures of our poor little brother when he reaches his! 😉 :

But then he’s loving life once again when he gets to tag along with Selah watching the iPad (a weekend “treat”):

And one more smile for the road:

And if you’ve made it to the end of these “too many” pictures, I’d maybe be embarrassed by the number of toys that need to be picked up in that last picture. However, I’ll leave you with one of my very favorite verses from a wise woman:
Cleaning & scrubbing can wait til tomorrow
For babies grow up we learn to our sorrow
So quiet down cobwebs & dust go to sleep
I’m rocking my baby & babies don’t keep.

And lucky me, I rocked my sweet babies all weekend. But off to work I go tomorrow…Happy weekend, all. 🙂

First Swim Lesson

This is our only pic because Selah was swimming at the same time so Jesse had to watch her & I had him in the hydro pool:

But, he’s pretty handsome in his swim diaper, don’t you think? 😉
He’s young for the class, but if we wait another session, it will be past summer, so I went ahead and signed him up. Plus, it’s fun for me too! I love watching my kiddos in the water, and even if they’re not amazing Olympic swimmers some day, I’d still like them to be water safe as quickly as possible and enjoy the water.
We’re trying to switch lesson times for Selah, so maybe we’ll get an ‘in-water’ pic next week. Happy Monday!

For those of you not on Facebook…

Here’s the recent pics I’ve posted that I thought should be recorded on here as well…
Happy Fathers Day to the Daddy of my two beautiful babies – what could be better than to have this look from those you love:


And a few of our beach day yesterday:
All smiles before we leave…

Eating my hands in the carseat:

This is not the sunny day I wished for, Mommy:

And our little beauty, who has recently started giving me a very strange “fake smile” for the camera, which cracks me up but isn’t as cute:

Hmmm…someone at the volleyball tourney gave me “Dots”, those sticky gumdrop candies. And they sure stick (hence, the funny face)!


Overcast, but still out here:



Video Roundup

Tonight I went through Jesse’s phone and uploaded a bunch of videos from the past few months.

It started with a video of my favorite sound in the world, Asher’s laugh. (Ok, it’s a tie with Selah’s laugh! But she would barely give us a smile as a baby, so we don’t have videos to share 😉 ). She also happens to be the one that can make her brother laugh the most…here’s the evidence:

Next up, Daddy having a conversation with Crasher. My favorite part is his commentary about his neck:

Selah “bouncing” Asher…I just love the look on Asher’s face – he has been pretty enthralled with her from the beginning (& it’s amazing how much he’s grown, even since this):

Selah pretending she’s taking a call from Grandpa…apparently Grandpa speaks his own language! She’s pretty good at pretending:

Happy weekend, all!

Sweet Childhood

Just one more (but no promises!). A simple picture from Jesse’s phone taken camping yesterday. It just made me feel like a little girl somehow…a simple time, playing with her dad on the beach, camping, watching the sun get low in the sky, running from the waves, listening to the laughter from her friends…not a care in the world. Yeah, it’s just a picture, but somehow it’s more:

So thankful.

More Camping

A few more pictures of the Daddy-kiddo camp out with our church last night…


I’m in love with those pics. I think because it reminds me of my childhood and camping with my dad. I’m so glad Selah will have these experiences, and I’m so blessed to have these memories myself as well (along with an awesome Dad who did these things too). We’re also blessed to have a church family who comes alongside us and our kids. We don’t take any of these things for granted, that’s for sure. More pics of camping, Daddy, Selah, & her friend, Lucca (go Aggies & Bruins too ;)! ):







Camp out!

Tonight Jess took Selah camping with a group of daddies with their kiddos. So sweet & they kept me in the loop with some picture updates I thought I’d share:
Excited to set up the tent with daddy:

Marshmallow high (& lots of little girls – I’m not there so can’t confirm, but I imagine there is some shrieking going on here):


And one collage of my little man home with me:

Ok, I lied – just a couple more because he’s cute 😉 :
Playing with Mr. Lion:

Baby laughs are the best! He’s started to legitimately laugh with us, and I’m pretty sure that might be the best sound in the world. My happy chuckling baby boy:


Goodnight all – sweet dreams.

Selah Turns 3!

OK, yes, I’m a month late. In fact, to the day! But…better late than never, and I know family will like to see pics of our first princess party. (And maybe last?!?) I can safely say that it was a success – the food (thanks, Daddy, for BBQing), the piñata, the castle cake, the princes and princesses, the activities, and just about everything was to Selah’s satisfaction. Oh, and her new “princess Aurora” dress and trampoline as well – those were Mommy & Daddy’s big presents to her. Enjoy the day in pictures (in arbitrary order that I’m too lazy to correct)…

The decorations - complete with goodie bags and castle cake!
The decorations – complete with goodie bags and castle cake!
While Selah waits for guests, she has a tea party with her brother.  Very sweet.
While Selah waits for guests, she has a tea party with her brother. Sweet, except for Crasher doesn’t seem to be enjoying it fully
My Baby & I
My Baby & I
Dig in to the "tower" of the princess cake!
Dig in to the “tower” of the princess cake!
Princess jumping on her new trampoline
Princess jumping on her new trampoline
Selah with her special "Nica" piñata - brought all the way to SB on the plane with Auntie Brookie!
Selah with her special “Nica” piñata – brought all the way to SB on the plane with Auntie Brookie!
In line for piñata!
In line for piñata!
A "seat drop" on her new trampoline
A “seat drop” on her new trampoline
Selah in heaven - being pulled around by her idol, Malia
Selah in heaven – being pulled around by her idol, Malia
Before the castle is destroyed...
Before the castle is destroyed…
Playing with all the princesses
Playing with all the princesses
Selah surrounded by her princesses!
Selah surrounded by her princesses!
Sweet princess friends
Sweet princess friends
Boys will be boys...even at a princess party!
Boys will be boys…even at a princess party!
Selah "taps" the pinata
Selah “taps” the pinata