Video Roundup

Tonight I went through Jesse’s phone and uploaded a bunch of videos from the past few months.

It started with a video of my favorite sound in the world, Asher’s laugh. (Ok, it’s a tie with Selah’s laugh! But she would barely give us a smile as a baby, so we don’t have videos to share 😉 ). She also happens to be the one that can make her brother laugh the most…here’s the evidence:

Next up, Daddy having a conversation with Crasher. My favorite part is his commentary about his neck:

Selah “bouncing” Asher…I just love the look on Asher’s face – he has been pretty enthralled with her from the beginning (& it’s amazing how much he’s grown, even since this):

Selah pretending she’s taking a call from Grandpa…apparently Grandpa speaks his own language! She’s pretty good at pretending:

Happy weekend, all!

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