Skilled Artist

I will give you the up front disclaimer on this post: my excitement about Selah’s art is seriously only an excitement that a mother could have. I clearly know that I’m about to write an entire post about a few questionable stick figures drawn in window crayons, and it is now all on you if you read further πŸ˜‰

So, hey! Selah just yesterday started drawing figures that are discernible as people! It was like she went from barely coloring inside the lines in her coloring books fairly consistently to actually drawing stick people overnight!

Here’s the evidence, which is a little tough to see because its on a window:




She first saw those scribbles that resemble a body and said, “I’m adding a head with eyes…and a nose…and a mouth! And mommy, look, these are the arms, the legs, & the feet!”

And lo and behold, they actually LOOKED like a face, arms, & legs! And then (no pictures because I got too excited) she drew three others – a big sister, little brother, & Daddy too! And then a rainbow above them…ALL which actually looked like these items – even more than the first! Why the exclamation you ask?

Well, as mothers of barely 3 year olds probably know, prior to being able to discern what your child’s pictures actually are, you do a lot (& I mean A LOT!) of “interpreting” of what various color scribble marks on a page are intended to represent. So I’m pretty stoked to perhaps be exiting the “ink blot test” stage and entering something a step higher!

And yes, I write somewhat in jest – I’m actually just a proud mama at heart hoping my time spent on art with my baby girl is paying off and she’s actually learning to enjoy creating and to be as proud of herself as we are of her. Love that little girl. πŸ™‚

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