My Favorite Chubbers

Today was our four month wellness exam, which is always fun to see how much he’s grown. Turns out that our little man has been doing more growing “out” than growing “up”! Not entirely unsuspected, as I’m sure you’ve gathered from pictures, but it’s now been officially confirmed. 😉

I’m in love with that picture, by the way. It’s just the funniest expression. It just screams, “I weigh what?!…”. Probably the one that I have when I’m in disbelief on the scale too, so it could be a learned behavior. 😉

And that look is more the, “don’t-even-think-about-posting-this-on-your-blog-Mom” look. 😉

So, the official stats are: 16 lbs, 24″…20th percentile in height, 65th percentile in weight, and…drumroll please…75th in head size. Apparently Selah’s BIG head picture may have been more accurately Asher instead of Daddy!

Sweet baby boy, your Mommy may get a little chuckle at your expense, but I still think you’re the most handsome man on earth! Especially with those big baby blues that are getting lighter and lighter like your sister:

(I can’t quite capture a picture that shows his eye color – once I download pictures off our real camera, I will – all of these lately are just off of my phone).

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