Another Roundup

Is it me or did August slip by while I wasn’t looking?! It’s just too quick for September to be here, so I’m going to stay in summer while the world moves on to fall, thankyouverymuch. 😉

However, I didn’t let the month escape without a barrage of photos of the kids, of course. What would I be without a camera (re iPhone) to shove in their face whenever they are being cute (re all.the.time). 😉

Here’s the latest roundup. Just a sweet pic of the Ash-man on my way to the lake with the kids while Jesse was at a volleyball tournament (he joined us after):


Our finally-blooming plumeria grown from a Molokai plumeria cutting – this is super exciting since its been basically a stick for a year!!


On our way to the lake, we picked up Grandma to come with us. Selah’s one lucky girl – Grandma had been to a garage sale and finagled a box of “dress-up” clothes for Selah to play with at her house. She dug right into that and came up with Super Mermaid. It was better in person, but here’s an action shot of the show:

Lucky us – there were also enough ensembles in the new box to outfit Mommy, Crasher, Grandma, & Grandpa!



So much fun at the lake again. Saturday Daddy joined us and Sunday more friends came up who have kids, so it was fun for everyone. Here’s Selah and I swimming around the boat – my favorite!


A Mommy & Selah selfie:

Grandma & Crasher:

With sweet friends:


My little boy & me:


Crasher is now officially 6 months old as of a few days ago as well! My sweet little smiley boy – man do I love this kid!


Nothing like a little spam to start solid foods off with! (Just joking of course. Do not try this at home – he is a trained professional!):


And finally, Selah convinced me to take her to a ballet class. My little ballerina has been flitting and fluttering around our house ever since:




What fun these kiddos are. I’m SO blessed! Have a great holiday weekend, all!

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