Crasher & the Dog

This is one of the funniest videos of Crash, yet doesn’t even do it justice how amusing he was watching this windup dog.

He for some reason keeps his hands in the air at almost all times when he’s in the Bumbo – usually to eat – but in this case to be entertained last night. Also notice his feet – they literally never stop moving. So strange.

But his super cute flinching takes the cake:

We only took video after he freaked out for awhile & it was too funny to pass up, so that reaction was mild in comparison. Wish we’d have thought to video earlier and it might have gone viral! 😉

Also, a cute pic of my girl tonight at swimming in her cap and goggles:

A little girl at swimming asked her name today and without hesitation, Selah answered, “Ariel”. Straight faced and all. It was pretty cute, but again, clearly totally biased here. 😉

Ok, one more for the road. An unassisted ‘DAD’ written on her picture – she’s really started to catch on that we’re super impressed with spelling and writing words on her own, so it’s becoming her little present to us each afternoon. What a sweetie pie we have:


Goodnight all!

Writing Practice

Our little girl is taking off in the writing department lately. Today she did this, completely unassisted:

Jesse and I of course were blown away. We both commented how awesome she wrote her name and she looked at us like, “Duh, Mom & Dad – it’s S-E-L-A-H, of course that’s my name. No big deal, I mean, I’m THREE already. I’ll be driving myself to pre-school soon, don’t worry.”
Needless to say, we’re still impressed.
Her big sister skills continue to awe us as well. Tonight she asked if she could cuddle with Crasher after bath:


She’s so great with him, it’s amazing. Sometimes when we’re frustrated with his lack of sleep, she even reminds us to be patient with her “brudda”. Pretty sweet.
She also insists on taking a bath with him each night because “he likes me there with him, Mommy”. Tonight as she was “helping” wash his hair and he started fussing because he was tired, she starts whispering, “You can trust me, buddy. I’m your sissy. And she’s your Mommy. We’re family, buddy and we are here for you. It’s OK.”
Melt. My. Heart. Right?


We’re SO blessed to have these two. There’s certainly nothing we’ve ever done to deserve them, that’s for sure!

Bragging Mommy

So…bragging Mom alert ahead! I’m just so impressed with my 3 year old today I had to post for family! 🙂
Selah was coloring this morning and asked me: Mom, how do you spell Nana?
I said: N.A.N.A., why?
Selah: I’m drawing her a picture. What should I draw?
Me: she’d love a picture of our family I think!
Selah: ok! I’m drawing Crasher little in blue. I’m in pink. Dad is big and green. You’re purple, your favorite, right Mom?
Me: yep, my favorite!

So…this is what she ended up with – completely on her own other than my spelling advice! I’m just impressed she from memory came up with the N’s & A’s…and then I love our heads with eyes and legs. Not sure what happened to our bodies, but geez, she’s three! And we were stoked at her coloring in the lines a month or two ago! Now she is starting letters from memory! Genius, of course 😉 (warned you earlier. Bragging!). ;).

Yes, I’ll post the pics already.
The family shot:


The lettering (yes, it’s both N’s & both A’s, but hey – they are all there!):

The whole shebang:
And Nana, don’t worry – I’ll put your masterpiece in the mail & promise not to hoard the art work!

And couldn’t resist a little Crasher tonight too. Literally crashed in Daddy’s arms:

Less than thrilled about the “crown”. Selah insisted he was her “prince”. Not convinced, I gather:


Happy Sunday, all. Wish I could have a rewind and live it again it was so great… 🙂

My Prince

This morning:

Selah: Asher is my prince!


I’m thinking he looks less than thrilled. And I’m just speculating that the butterfly “crown” is maybe meant to be a tiara…but really, who am I to burst her bubble when clearly she has this all figured out for the two of them…

Sweet Potato(es)

Tonight we tried our fourth(?) food – sweet potatoes. Let’s see – avocado, pear, kale, yep – fourth is sweet potato. Mixed with prune juice to combat getting all stopped up – who could resist that tempting dinner concoction?! Crash sure couldn’t!
Actually, he was doing pretty good with Selah feeding him – not too messy – but then our neighbor came to the door and the full bowl was left within grabbing distance. And the rest was history. Literally, his onesie is probably history, along with the full bowl of sweet potato – half of which was in his lap/seat when I cleaned it, the other half of which was pretty much a trail from the seat to the bath. My phone doesn’t take stellar pictures, but there were a few of the action that I really liked:








And speaking of sweet potatoes – little man was beat after a long day (& literally about 2 hours of sleep last night) and melted into Daddy’s arms while he ran his fingers on his face to relax him:

No problem getting the little guy to sleep tonight! Now let’s see how long he stays that way…


Selah this morning:

Mom, there’s only three things I’m afraid of.
Me: really? What are they?
Selah: Frogs. Bats. And …preachers.
Me: preachers?
Selah: yes, mom. Preachers.

Well, ok then. No clue where that came from!

It’s a Wednesday

After a long, not-so-awesome day, these two just wash it all away. Loving my evening view this Wednesday so thought I’d share:




So sweet, all clean in their jammies, playing together. Selah really is the best big sister I could have ever dreamed she could be. And little Asher is such a happy, sweet blessing. Let me remember this all night when they’re up at more non-convenient hours…

Video Schmideo

Just a few recent videos for your viewing pleasure…

Asher in his swim lesson tonight with me – he literally “swims” to me from the instructor. It’s pretty cute – his little arms & legs go frog-wild on him…I guess we can tell him he swam before he could crawl now! 😉

I posted a few pictures of it yesterday, but here’s the real-life version of Daddy & Selah playing Elefun. Selah usually steals the show, but I’m afraid Daddy is the star actor here:

And some sibling love to cap off the night. Selah serenades her baby brother with her song she creates on the fly:

Weekend Roundup

Another successful weekend down in the books. And Momma successful in capturing at least a few of the moments on the iPhone, of course. Most impressive of which was our trip to the beach to meet our cousins. Doesn’t sound impressive? Well, we have two dogs and two kids…and corralling them both with the two of us at an off-leash dog beach is harder than you might think. But I did get a few pictures that give the appearance of relaxation and control:






In other news, Crasher had his first solid food over the holiday last weekend. Avocados. (Doesn’t get more California grown than beach & avocados from the get-go, does it?). It was relatively uneventful as far as funny faces went, but there were a few pictures from my phone that give the appearance that he was unimpressed:


In fact, ice water seems to be that kid’s obsession. He is more determined than you can imagine to get his hands (& basically his mouth or anywhere close to his face) near glass cups:

The sibling love continues – not sure where I picked up this gem, but don’t think I’ve posted it previously:

We go to all of Daddy’s volleyball games, however, this is about the extent of our viewing:

You might have noticed we are not actually in the gym. And not even close to being able to see the score. We are, in fact, outside the gym…practicing jumping off rocks and trying to touch the leaves on the tree. So, jumping is close to supporting Daddy, right?
And one more series of action shots – our new game, Elefun. Apparently we missed this childhood “classic” according to Hannah – both Jesse & I must be older than when it came out (ie. dirt), but it’s pretty great. Basically an elephant shoots butterflies out of its truck with a fan and the players use nets to catch them. Jesse’s intense game play and entertaining antics have almost certainly ensured Selah will never want to play with boring old Mom, but hey, that’s his fault, right?! ;). The pictures on my iPhone don’t do it justice, so perhaps this calls for a video. I’ll show a few here in an attempt to give you a mental picture at least:




Hope your weekend was as full of joy as ours…and that you’re getting more sleep than us too (not hard to beat)! Good night (wishful thinking….).

Bath Time

I’ve been giving the kids baths together lately when Jesse is gone with volleyball. It’s fun for them, kills two birds with one stone, and makes for pretty cute sibling time. Two are so much fun!
I’ve also been playing with some effects on the phone picture app, so here’s some of my favorites:

Don’t shoot!!!

Oh geez:

Water over the head:



Bud likes it, Mom!

Stick em up!

The sweet rolls after: