Weekend Roundup

Another successful weekend down in the books. And Momma successful in capturing at least a few of the moments on the iPhone, of course. Most impressive of which was our trip to the beach to meet our cousins. Doesn’t sound impressive? Well, we have two dogs and two kids…and corralling them both with the two of us at an off-leash dog beach is harder than you might think. But I did get a few pictures that give the appearance of relaxation and control:






In other news, Crasher had his first solid food over the holiday last weekend. Avocados. (Doesn’t get more California grown than beach & avocados from the get-go, does it?). It was relatively uneventful as far as funny faces went, but there were a few pictures from my phone that give the appearance that he was unimpressed:


In fact, ice water seems to be that kid’s obsession. He is more determined than you can imagine to get his hands (& basically his mouth or anywhere close to his face) near glass cups:

The sibling love continues – not sure where I picked up this gem, but don’t think I’ve posted it previously:

We go to all of Daddy’s volleyball games, however, this is about the extent of our viewing:

You might have noticed we are not actually in the gym. And not even close to being able to see the score. We are, in fact, outside the gym…practicing jumping off rocks and trying to touch the leaves on the tree. So, jumping is close to supporting Daddy, right?
And one more series of action shots – our new game, Elefun. Apparently we missed this childhood “classic” according to Hannah – both Jesse & I must be older than when it came out (ie. dirt), but it’s pretty great. Basically an elephant shoots butterflies out of its truck with a fan and the players use nets to catch them. Jesse’s intense game play and entertaining antics have almost certainly ensured Selah will never want to play with boring old Mom, but hey, that’s his fault, right?! ;). The pictures on my iPhone don’t do it justice, so perhaps this calls for a video. I’ll show a few here in an attempt to give you a mental picture at least:




Hope your weekend was as full of joy as ours…and that you’re getting more sleep than us too (not hard to beat)! Good night (wishful thinking….).

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