Bragging Mommy

So…bragging Mom alert ahead! I’m just so impressed with my 3 year old today I had to post for family! 🙂
Selah was coloring this morning and asked me: Mom, how do you spell Nana?
I said: N.A.N.A., why?
Selah: I’m drawing her a picture. What should I draw?
Me: she’d love a picture of our family I think!
Selah: ok! I’m drawing Crasher little in blue. I’m in pink. Dad is big and green. You’re purple, your favorite, right Mom?
Me: yep, my favorite!

So…this is what she ended up with – completely on her own other than my spelling advice! I’m just impressed she from memory came up with the N’s & A’s…and then I love our heads with eyes and legs. Not sure what happened to our bodies, but geez, she’s three! And we were stoked at her coloring in the lines a month or two ago! Now she is starting letters from memory! Genius, of course 😉 (warned you earlier. Bragging!). ;).

Yes, I’ll post the pics already.
The family shot:


The lettering (yes, it’s both N’s & both A’s, but hey – they are all there!):

The whole shebang:
And Nana, don’t worry – I’ll put your masterpiece in the mail & promise not to hoard the art work!

And couldn’t resist a little Crasher tonight too. Literally crashed in Daddy’s arms:

Less than thrilled about the “crown”. Selah insisted he was her “prince”. Not convinced, I gather:


Happy Sunday, all. Wish I could have a rewind and live it again it was so great… 🙂

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