Writing Practice

Our little girl is taking off in the writing department lately. Today she did this, completely unassisted:

Jesse and I of course were blown away. We both commented how awesome she wrote her name and she looked at us like, “Duh, Mom & Dad – it’s S-E-L-A-H, of course that’s my name. No big deal, I mean, I’m THREE already. I’ll be driving myself to pre-school soon, don’t worry.”
Needless to say, we’re still impressed.
Her big sister skills continue to awe us as well. Tonight she asked if she could cuddle with Crasher after bath:


She’s so great with him, it’s amazing. Sometimes when we’re frustrated with his lack of sleep, she even reminds us to be patient with her “brudda”. Pretty sweet.
She also insists on taking a bath with him each night because “he likes me there with him, Mommy”. Tonight as she was “helping” wash his hair and he started fussing because he was tired, she starts whispering, “You can trust me, buddy. I’m your sissy. And she’s your Mommy. We’re family, buddy and we are here for you. It’s OK.”
Melt. My. Heart. Right?


We’re SO blessed to have these two. There’s certainly nothing we’ve ever done to deserve them, that’s for sure!

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